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The organized community life is in existence with its several advantages amongst Members of Memon Community. Its members have linked themselves with smaller communities according to the settlements of their forefathers in different parts of undivided India several deeds ago. The Okhai Memon Community, which in broad analysis forms part of Memon Community and in final analysis proudly attaches itself with Pakistani Muslim Society, derives its origin and organization through the settlements of our forefathers in or around the place called Okha. Large number of the Okhai Memon had settled in the city of Karachi long before the Independence of Pakistan.

The generation to which the present youths of Okhai Memon Community belong is generally indebted to its forefathers who, despite great adversities and extreme economic backwardness, gave attention to educating their children, mainly towards boy’s education. This educated class grew and also got conscious of its responsibilities to the Society they lived in and emerged ultimately as potent group in forming the Okhai Memon Youth Services with formal and realistic organization structure, in July, 1968.

The “Youth Services” was born out of the desire to locate, unite and explore the potentialities of the young educated people of the community, to their moral, mental and cultural developments and putting these organized talents to constructiveness so that, through educational and other social welfare activities, the reforms could be brought about. The young and educated membership of “Youth Services” which prescribes age limit of 21 to 45 years and minimum education upto matric to qualify for ordinary membership, immediately got engaged and has carried out all round activities in the short span of two years. It has established Library, Reading Room, Study Centres, Ladies Industrial Homes, Schools, Computer Training Centers, Madressah Taleem-ul-Qur’aan and Hospital. The students welfare program aiming at helping needy students with scholarship, school uniforms and books and stationery has been organized.


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