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The organized community life is in existence with its several advantages amongst Members of Memon Community. Its members have linked themselves with smaller communities according to the settlements of their forefathers in different parts of undivided India several deeds ago. The Okhai Memon Community, which in broad analysis forms part of Memon Community and in final analysis proudly attaches itself with Pakistani Muslim Society, derives its origin and organization through the settlements of our forefathers in or around the place called Okha. Large number of the Okhai Memon had settled in the city of Karachi long before the Independence of Pakistan.

The generation to which the present youths of Okhai Memon Community belong is generally indebted to its forefathers who, despite great adversities and extreme economic backwardness, gave attention to educating their children, mainly towards boy’s education. This educated class grew and also got conscious of its responsibilities to the Society they lived in and emerged ultimately as potent group in forming the Okhai Memon Youth Services with formal and realistic organization structure, in July, 1968.

The “Youth Services” was born out of the desire to locate, unite and explore the potentialities of the young educated people of the community, to their moral, mental and cultural developments and putting these organized talents to constructiveness so that, through educational and other social welfare activities, the reforms could be brought about. The young and educated membership of “Youth Services” which prescribes age limit of 21 to 45 years and minimum education upto matric to qualify for ordinary membership, immediately got engaged and has carried out all round activities in the short span of two years. It has established Library, Reading Room, Study Centres, Ladies Industrial Homes, Schools, Computer Training Centers, Madressah Taleem-ul-Qur’aan and Hospital. The students welfare program aiming at helping needy students with scholarship, school uniforms and books and stationery has been organized.




1. Name

The name of the Association shall be The Okhai Memon Youth Services (Hereinafter referred to as “Youth Services”)

2. Address of Principal Office of the Association

The Central Office shall be located at ST-12, Block 1, Federal ‘B’ Area, Karachi - 75950.

3. Area of Operation

The scope of activities of “Youth Services” will be limited to Pakistan.

4. Aims and Objects


  1. To take steps to compile statistics on the different aspects of the community life so as to properly comprehend the various problems and to focus the attention of the Community on these problems and their solutions.
  2. To promote and take steps to spread the Islamic ways of life amongst young people in particular and Okhai Memon Community in general
  3. To devise way and means for eradication of illiteracy in the Community particularly amongst the women folks and to take steps to raise their educational, health and cultural standards
  4. To organize students welfare program, including financial and other assistance to needy students.
  5. To promote and provide facilities for physical, moral, cultural and intellectual development by arranging social gatherings, seminars, symposia, debates, publication of periodicals, pamphlets, booklets, documentary film shows, exhibitions, dramas, games and other allied activities, including establishment and maintenance of libraries, schools, reading rooms, study centers and industrial homes, computer training centers and hospital.
  6. To commence, receive and administer Funds, including Zakat Fund, for educational and charitable purposes as may be permissible.
  7. To undertake, do and perform all such acts as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the foregoing aims.

5. Membership

(a) Eligibility of Membership-Qualification

The following qualifications shall in general be applicable for eligibility for any category of membership

  1. Person is of or above 18 years of age.
  2. He has reputable character and sound mind.
  3. He agrees to abide by the Constitution and bye-laws of the “Youth Services”.
  4. He agrees with and supports the aims and objects of the “Youth Services”.
  5. He agrees to pay prescribed fee.
  6. He shall be known and introduced by 2 members of the Youth Services.

(b) Categories of Membership

The membership of the “Youth Services” shall be of the following categories :-

  1. Patron :
    Any Muslim who pays patronship fees of Rs. 50,000.00 in lump sum and annual patronship fees Rs. 25,000.00 to the “Youth Services” and he / she is a person of outstanding ability and stature shall become its patron.
  2. Ordinary Members :
    Any Okhai Memon who is below 45 years of age and has passed atleast matriculation examination or its equivalent and pays the admission fees of Rs. 100.00 and annual fees of Rs. 100.00 shall become the ordinary member.
  3. Life Members :
    Any ordinary member who has reached the age limit of 45 years and who will pay subscription of Rs. 500.00 shall become life member.
  4. Junior Members
    Any Okhai Memon, who is between the age of 18 and 21 years, has passed of at least matriculation examination or its equivalent and pays the admission fees Rs. 10.00 and annual fees Rs. 25.00 shall become the Junior Member.

(c) Procedure for Admission of Membership

  1. Patron
    Person who fulfils the condition laid down in article 5-b (i) may be invited by the Executive Council to become a patron of the “Youth Services”.
  2. Ordinary / Life / Junior Member
    Person desirous to become ordinary, life or Junior Member shall apply on a prescribed form together with a prescribed fee to the Executive Council which shall decide on such applications by majority votes of members present.

(d) Removal of Rejection

  1. Person whose application for membership is rejected by the Executive Council can apply again after lapse of six months.
  2. The application rejected second time by the Executive Council will be put before the General Body for approval giving reasons for rejection.




(e) Rights and Privileges of Member:

  1. An ordinary member shall have right to vote and take part in meetings and functions of the “Youth Services”.
  2. Patron or life member shall not have right to vote but will be entitled to participate in all the meetings and functions of the “Youth Services” and become area representative and / or member of the committee(s).
  3. Members will be entitled to the rights and privileges for the period for which they have paid the subscription and only those members will be entitled to vote at any ordinary general meeting who have paid all their dues at least one week prior to the date of such meeting.
  4. A life member shall not have right to vote or to be an office bearer or elected member of the Executive Council, as defined under sub-section (i) to (vi) of clause 6-b. Such a life member can be considered for co-option as member of th executive council as provided in sub section (vii) of clause 6-b.
  5. Ajunior member shall have right to vote and take part in meetings and functions, but have no right to contest in the election and he can not become the chairman of any committee of the Youth Services.
  6. Any new ordinary or Junior member, who becomes member after 30th June, shall not be entitled to contest or vote in the forthcoming election.

(f) MProcedure of Suspension, Cancellation and Resignation of

Membership can be suspended / cancelled on the following grounds :-

  1. For non-payment of subscription
    The Treasurer will issue 15 days notice to all such members who are in arrears for one year. A second notice of one month will be given at the expiry of the first notice period. If dues are not cleared at the expiry of second notice period, the person concerned will “ipso facto” cease to be member.
  2. Conduct being detrimental to the interest of the “Youth Services”
    If the conduct of any member is deemed by the Executive Council to be prejudicial to the interest of the “Youth Services” or calculated to bring the “Youth Services” into disrepute:-

    a. He shall be given a notice of seven days by the Executive Council during which he shall submit a written explanation of his conduct.

    b. In the event of non submission of explanation or submitted explanation being found unsatisfactory, the Executive Council may either administer a warning or may ask the member to resign from the membership of the “Youth Services”.

    c. In the event of the said member refusing to resign when asked to do, the Executive Council may decide the case finally with 3/4th majority of the members present at the Executive Council and record in writing the reasons on the action thereto.
  3. Resignation
    A member may, on his own accord, resign from membership and his registration shall be effective from the date on which the Executive Council accepts such resignation. Such member shall not be eligible for re-submission of membership forever.
  4. Disqualification due to age limit

    a. An Ordinary Member reaching the age of 45 years shall cease to be the ordinary member except office bearers / executive council members falling in clause 10 (v) of the constitution.

    b. A Junior Member reaching the age of 21 years shall cease to be the junior member of the Youth Services.

(g) Procedure for Reinstatement / Restoration of Membership

Person whose membership has been cancelled for reasons other than misconduct , prejudicial activities and/or resignation, and who has valid reasons to apply for review may apply for restoration of his membership and the decision on review by 2/3rd majority of the members present at the Executive Council will be final.

6. Organization Structure

  1. General Body
    It shall comprise of all Members.
  2. Executive Council
    The Executive Council shall consist of :-

    1. President 1

    2. Vice President 1

    3. General Secretary 1

    4. Joint Secretary 1

    5. Treasurer 1

    6. Members elected 20

    7. Member co-opted by the president in accordance with article 8-a (vi) maximum five.

(d) Removal of Rejection

  1. Person whose application for membership is rejected by the Executive Council can apply again after lapse of six months.
  2. The application rejected second time by the Executive Council will be put before the General Body for approval giving reasons for rejection.




7. (a) Powers and Functions of General Body

  1. To approve annual report and audited statement of account of the previous year as submitted by Executive Council.
  2. To elect office bearers and members of the Executive Council.
  3. To approve the future program activities and fiscal budget of the “Youth Services” as submitted by the Executive Council.
  4. To appoint Chartered Accountant's) for the purpose of auditing the accounts of the “Youth Services”.
  5. To decide about the appeals filed by the members or office bearers.
  6. To approve the addition, alteration and / or amendment in the constitution of the Youth Services, as and when necessary, in accordance with article 13 of this constitution.

(b) Powers and Functions of the Executive Council

  1. To act for and represent the “Youth Services” in all matters.
  2. To appoint from members of the “Youth Services” committees for any special purpose as may be necessary.
  3. To appoint Election Commission consisting of five members including Election Commissioner, amongst the ordinary or life members of Youth Services, for the next term. The Commissioner shall not be a member of E.C nor a Junior Member.
  4. It will consider, approve or reject the membership applications, or
    resignations submitted by any member of the “Youth Services”, or expel any member from the “Youth Services” if his conduct is detrimental to the interest of the “Youth Services” in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 5 - f(ii).
  5. It will have powers to sanction expenditure of the funds of “Youth Services” in furtherance of its aims and in accordance with the fiscal budget and program as approved by the General Body.
  6. It will decide upon the date of annual meeting of the General Body and will approve fiscal budget, annual report and accounts of the “Youth Services” to be put up before the General Body.
  7. It will authorize formation of sections representing special classes of the community viz : Ladies Section and Students Section to be named suitably and to be affiliated with and to work under “Youth Services” within the frameworks to be defined and assigned by the Executive Council, for the purpose of carrying out its aims. Such sections to be named generally as “Affiliated Sections” will be governed by the rules and regulations as approved by the Executive Council.
  8. It will cease Executive Council membership of such member who fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings of the Executive Council without written intimation with justification.
  9. If vacancy occurs in the Executive Council due to resignation or any other reason, excluding vacant from co-opted members defined in article 6-b-vii, the E.C. can co-opt required member (s) if more than ¾ of the term of office is over. In case the remaining period is more than ¾ of the term, General Body will fill it through election. If a co-opted member vacates the seat, it shall be filled according to article -8-a (vi).
  10. It will normally meet atleast once a month.

8. Powers and Functions of Office Bearers

(a) President

  1. He will preside over the meetings of the General Body and Executive Council of “Youth Services”.
  2. He shall exercise general supervision over the affairs and activities of “Youth Services”.
  3. He can exercise casting vote in the event of tie.
  4. He shall be an ex-officio member of every committee.
  5. He shall have power to sanction the expenditure of Rs. 10,000.00 at a time but shall place the details of the expenditure at the next meeting of the Executive Council.
  6. He will have option to co-opt maximum five ordinary or life members (at least one from ordinary and one from life members) to serve as member of the Executive Council.

(b) Vice President

  1. He shall assist the President in the discharge of his duties.
  2. In the absence of President, the vice president shall enjoy all powers and rights and he shall discharge duties conferred upon the President.
  3. He shall be an ex-officio member of every committee.

(c) General Secretary

  1. General Secretary will prepare agenda and call meetings of the General Body and the Executive Council in consultation with the President and will work as Secretary to such meetings and will keep the record of the proceedings thereof.
  2. He will do such acts and deeds on behalf of the “Youth Services” to implement the decision of the General Body and Executive Council and will work with the consent of and in consultation with the President.
  3. He will have authority to sign all the correspondence, reports and returns required by the Registration Authorities, vouchers, bills, documents and rent receipts on behalf of the “Youth Services”.
  4. He will appoint or dismiss the staff for “Youth Services” in consultation with the President and will decide about their duties and salaries within the limits prescribed by the Executive Council. The staff of “Youth Services” will remain under him.
  5. He will prepare and submit to the Executive Council and General Body the annual report on the activities of the “Youth Services” attached with the annual accounts as rendered by the Treasurer.
  6. He shall be an ex-officio member of every committee.
  7. He shall have power to sanction an expenditure of Rs. 5,000/= at a time but shall place the details of the expenditure before the next Executive Council meeting.
  8. He shall invite the members, who fulfils the condition laid down in article 5 (b) iii, to become a Life Member of the “Youth Services”.
  9. He shall invite the junior members, who has reached the age of 21 years and fulfils the condition laid down in article 5 (b) ii, to become an ordinary member of the “Youth Services”.




(d) Joint Secretary

  1. He will assist the General Secretary in discharge of his duties and will officiate in the absence of the General Secretary.
  2. He shall be an ex-officio member of every committee.

(e) Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer shall maintain accounts of the “Youth Services” in consultation and coordination with the President and General Secretary.
  2. He shall place statement of accounts at the Executive Council meeting every month and shall prepare the annual accounts for the purposes of audit and incorporation in the annual report.
  3. He shall deposit the funds of the “Youth Services” in the bank within a week of receipt but will be authorized to maintain the Imprest Account of an amount not exceeding Rs. 5,000/=
  4. He shall operate “Youth Services” account with the approved bank under joint signatures of the President, Vice President or the General Secretary. The bank account can also be operated in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 (iv).
  5. He shall prepare the fiscal budget and place it before the Executive Council for approval, prior to its submission to the General Body.
  6. He shall receive and collect all donations, Grants, Aid, subscription dues and / or other payments on behalf of the Youth Services and will issue proper receipt thereof. No other person, member, committee, sub-committee, project or whatsoever will be authorized to issue the receipt hereto.
  7. He shall be an ex-officio member of every committee.

9. Terms of office

  1. The term of office shall be for a period of two years for all office bearers and Executive Council Members. No member shall be eligible for the Election for any post of Office Bearers, which he has held for two preceding consecutive terms.
  2. The Executive Council and office bearers shall continue to hold office and discharge their duties in accordance with the constitution until such time as the new E.C and office bearers are elected.
  3. The office bearers must hand over the charge to newly elected office bearers within two weeks after Election. The charge handing over taking over will be carried under the supervision of the Election Commission.
  4. The members of newly formed E.C will also take an oath as described in Schedule I of this constitution to confirm verbally and in writing that they will not act in any circumstances against aims and objectives and the activities of the “Youth Services” and that they will protect fully at all the time, the interest of the “Youth Services”.

10. Election

  1. Election will be held within three months of the completion of the relevant financial year in accordance with article 9 (i) of this constitution.
  2. An Election Commission, consisting of five members including the Commissioner shall be constituted by the Executive Council in accordance with the article 7(b) iii to conduct election of office bearers and members of Executive Council, at the annual / ordinary general meeting.
  3. Elections will be conducted in accordance with the rules given in Schedule II of this constitution.
  4. Election Commission by a general circular will notify the detailed procedure and program for election in accordance with sub section iii above, and will invite nomination papers from all eligible members at least 30 days before the date of election. Nomination on the prescribed forms shall be submitted to Election Commissioner atleast two weeks before the date of election.
  5. Any member who has reached at the age of 45 years on the election day can participate in election and will complete his tenure if elected.

11. Meetings

(a) Ordinary General Body Meeting

  1. General Body Meeting shall normally be held once in six months, at a 7 days notice from the date of meeting.
  2. At All General Body Meeting decision other than for amendment, addition and alteration in the constitution shall be by a majority of votes.
  3. The quorum for all General Body Meeting shall be 1/3rd members except other wise specified in some special cases.

(b) Annul General Body Meeting

  1. Annual General Body Meeting will be held within three months of completion of the financial year at a time and place determined by the Executive Council.
  2. It will transact the following business.

    a. To confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Body Meeting.

    b. To pass the Annual Report and Audited Accounts of previous year submitted by the Executive Council.

    c. To appoint Auditor(s) who shall be Chartered Accountant, for the ensuing year and fix their remunerations, if any.

    d. To elect office bearers and members of the Executive Council if such election is due.

    e. Notice Period

Atleast 30 days clear notice specifying the place, date and time of the Annual General Body Meeting will be given by a circular, advertisement or any such other suitable manner. Non-receipt of the notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.





(c) Emergency General Body Meeting

An Emergency General Body Meeting for any special business may be convened by a resolution of Executive Council at a 7 days notice and 1/3rd of the total members of the General Body shall form the quorum.

(d) Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting

  1. The General Secretary shall call a meeting of the General Body on a written request from atleast 1/3rd members of the “Youth Services” whose subscription are upto-date, within 15 days of receipt of such requisition. The General Secretary can fix the date, time & place of the meeting.
  2. It shall require a quorum of 50% of enrolled members of “Youth Services” of which 2/3rd of the signatories must be personally present.
  3. The meeting shall not be adjourned but shall be dissolved if within
    an hour from the time fixed for the meeting, the said quorum is not formed.
  4. A requisition for the same business will not be held valid for a period of six months from the date of dissolution / rejection of such requisitioned Extra Ordinary Meeting.

{e) Executive Council Meeting

  1. The Executive Council shall meet at 7 days notice to transact the business as referred under Article 7-b.
  2. The quorum shall be 1/3rd of its members including office bearers.

(f) Emergency Executive Council Meeting

  1. An Emergency Executive Council Meeting may be called at minimum notice of 24 hours and 1/3rd of the members of Executive Council shall form quorum of such meeting.
  2. The General Secretary may circulate in consultation with the President, any resolution together with relevant papers amongst the members of the Executive Council for obtaining their opinion instead of calling the meeting of Executive Council if he finds such a course advisable and necessary; and their opinion so obtained be considered as votes cast as if the meeting was in session and
    decision shall be taken in accordance with the majority of votes.

(g) Adjourned Meeting

  1. The meeting adjourned for want of quorum shall be held on some other time to be fixed by the President but not later than 3 days from time of adjournment in case of Executive Council and 7 days in case of General Body.
  2. No quorum would be required for such meeting but the agenda will remain the same.

(h) Committee Meeting

All the chairmen of the committees must hold at least one meeting every month.

12. Financial Administration

  1. The fund of the ”Youth Services” shall be kept in a scheduled bank, approved by the Executive Council and Registration Authority.
  2. Financial year shall be from 1st July to 30th June next.
  3. Accounts shall be audited by recognized Chartered Accountant's), approved by the General Body and Registration Authority.
  4. Bank accounts shall be operated under the joint signatures of any two of the following office bearers

    a. President

    b. Vice President

    c. General Secretary

    d. Treasurer

13. Amendment

Notice of addition, alteration and / or any amendment to the Constitution should be submitted to the General Secretary in writing by the member desiring such an addition, alteration and / or any amendment supported by two other members, which will be placed before the next Executive Council meeting. The Executive Council after due scrutiny may recommend the same to be discussed and passed by the 2/3rd of the members present in the meeting of the General Body.

In the event of Executive Council not approving the proposed addition, alteration and / or any amendment, the member will have right to make a written request signed by atleast 1/3rd of the enrolled members of the “Youth Services”, whose subscription are update to refer the proposal to
the General Body. The General Secretary will then call a meeting of the General Body within 15 days of receipt of such request. Such a meeting shall require a quorum of 50% of enrolled members of the “Youth Services” of which 2/3rd of the signatories must be personally present. The decision for addition, alteration and / or any amendment shall be by 3/4th of the members presentAll amendments shall be subject to the approval of the Registration Authority.

14. Dissolution

The dissolution, if deemed necessary, may be effected only at a special meeting of the General Body called for the purpose with a fortnight notice which may decide the procedure for handing over the entire net assets, and such a procedure should, inter alia, provide for

  1. The distribution of net assets according to the Law in Pakistan operative at the time governing Social Welfare Agencies and
  2. Preferential consideration to such Social Welfare Agencies of the
    Okhai Memon Community having same or similar objects and approved under Section 47(i)(d) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 1979.


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