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Our Educational Project


“Educating today’s children for tomorrow’s world”

The Okhai Memon youth services established with the cited slogan “Educating today’s children for tomorrow’s world” and its logo shows it evidently. Basic aim of OMYS is to promote academic and higher education among community and raise the standard and quality of education. To accomplish this noble cause OMYS formed three schools in different localities, where the major population of our community is occupant. These schools are playing important role in our community.

Approximately 3000 students are studying in these schools. The faculty and staff are dedicated to provide children with a safe and friendly environment, in which students grow academically and socially. Our teachers are experienced and competent enough due to the reason of strictly followed appointment that is based on merit because it’s the matter of our student’s future. We believed that children should want to come in school each day to learn something about themselves and the world around them. In order to sustain the student’s knowledge and familiarity. We have chosen the excellent syllabus and course outline. In addition to core curriculum of reading, writing, listening, speaking and understanding we take up different techniques such as organized inter-class competition quizzes and debates etcetera. on this stage following activities are carried out in our schools.


Independence Day:

The special day in our country is the Independence Day which we celebrate every year on the 14th of August. After that, we decorate our school with the national flag and we have national dancing. Students do speeches about the old history and make some pictures of old historical places and describe their approach for the devoted of beloved country so that we can alive the importance of our country in our heart. 

Jalsa-E-Seerat-Un-Nabi (SAWS)

The day we organize one time in a year to express the feeling of love with our beloved Muhammad (SAWS) This type of love requires following his example in every manner and fulfill his Sunnah with respect to his behavior, manners, voluntary deeds, superior actions, eating, drinking, dressing, excellent behavior of his wives and other aspects of his perfect manners and pure behavior. It also includes learning about his life and days. It also includes loving to listen to his words and preferring them over the words of others of the creation. And one of the greatest aspects of this love is to follow him in discipline of this world, his being suffices with a little and his turning to and desiring of the everlasting hereafter.

Mother Day:

It is a day where we take some time to thank the person that brought us into this world and/or cared for us when we were young (and even when we are grownups). Mother's Day was officially declared as the second Sunday in May by Congress - May 8, 1914
Almost all countries have some sort of Mother's Day Celebrations. Many countries celebrate on the same day as the United States. Our object of organizing mother’s day that a person may understand the importance of his/her mother and give her/his the due respect. OMYS organize the same program.

Color Day:

Color Day means a great deal to both students and faculty. The basic ambition to organize the color day in our schools to develop their abilities, so that they can get awareness with the colors. However, the spirit of Color Day will remain in the hearts of all loyal students to keep alive those warm memories of school life.” The said day will be organized instantly in our schools.

Sports Day:

While the students put their full energies in the studies, another important portion of their life is to have physical activities. Our organization also arrange sports day for the student to keep them up to the mark in every field of life.

Parents’ Teachers Meeting:

Parents’ teachers’ meeting is organized on every Saturday for the reporting and further development of their child. In this manner it helps the teacher to deal with the student according to his observing and learning capabilities. This results in creating better environment and much better academic result. Working together, parents and teachers can help your child enjoy a successful career/future.


We also arrange annual picnic for the entertainment of students so that they can relax and enjoy. It is a necessity for the mind to relax in order to perform well.                

Annual Function:         

Our organization also manages annual function of prize distribution to appreciate students who achieved highest positions after their determined efforts. All the managing committee members duly participate in this annual function and make this big task possible. All financial expenses are solely born by donations to O.M.Y.S.


In order to enable learners to develop their physical, intellectual, mental, and moral qualities so as to become good citizens with responsibility in promoting social progress, national peace and security, in the same way all these activities are expected to arrange in our schools.

Educational Visit:

We take our students to different places in their summer vacation and other days. This activity allows the student to keenly participate in activities other than their academic commitments. Some of the places we visited this year.

Quiz & Debate Competition:

These competitions increase the intellectual and educational abilities of the student. Our organization also arranges these competitions on a regular basis with students of all levels, like primary, secondary and higher secondary. Besides this we also coordinate technical competitions for students learning in other than the formal educational institutes.

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