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Education Support Committee
Mr. Muhammad Kashif Abdul Razzak Vayani Chairman,
Mr. Faisal Saleh Muhammad Gaba Vice Chairman
Mr. Hussain Ismail Markatiya Co-ordinator Memon Society
Mr. Ali Muhammad Iqbal Punjwani Co-ordinator Gulzar-e-Hijri
Mr. Zain-ul-Abiden  Ibrahim Pasta Co-ordinator Hussainabad
Mr. Abdul Sattar Hussain Jaffrani Co-ordinator Prince Ali Appartment
Mr. Abdul Rahim A.Rehman Vayani Mr. Asif Haroon Toberiya
Mr. Abdul Basit Dawood Vayani Mr. Anis A.Qadir Suriya
Mr. Abdul Basit Jawaid Jakhura Mr. Arif Haroon Punjwani
Mr. Abdul Hameed M.Vayani Mr. Arshad A.Sattar Gabrani
Mr. Irfan Nisar Gaba Mr. Ashraf Usman Punjwani
Mr. Adnan Abubaker Punjwani Mr. Haji Ismail Mamdani
Mr. Ghulam Hussain Markatiya Mr. Shakeel A.Sattar Gatta
Mr. Naveed A.Razzak Aswani Mr. Hafiz Tariq Ayub Barai
Mr. Abdul Rauf Ganatra Mr. Usman Abdullah Punjwani
Mr. Shahzad Usman Karar Mr. Waseem Umer Panjwani
Mr. Sufiyan A.Razzak Punjwani Mr. Bilal Dawood Jakhura
Mr. Tariq Tayyab Suriya Mr. Bilal Abubaker Gaba
Mr. Ali Pasta Mr. Abdul Samad Hussain Gaba
Mr.Siddiq Dawood Suriya Mr. Imran Ismail Suriya
Mr.Shoaib Noor M.Markatiya Mr. Shahid Hashim Suriya
Mr.Imran Iqbal Panjwani Mr.Tayyab Farooq Darbar
Mr. Ahsan Siddiq Gatta Mr. Zohaib Adam Gaziani
Mr. Tariq H.Muhammad Markatiya Mr. Ali Usman Vayani Kerya
Mr. Bilal A.Ghani Gaba Mr. Waqas Iqbal Darbar
Mr. Ahmed Muhammad Vayani Mr. Sikandar Nisar Gaba
Mr. Anwer Hussain Jakhura Mr. Ghulam Qadir Adam Barai
Mr. Asif Ibrahim Pasta
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